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Focused on the Client


Choosing a trusted legal advisor for your most important life events can be scary.  Kuipers Lynn & Associates PLC makes the decision easy.  Our approach places the focus on the client to achieve the optimal outcome for your specific case scenario.  Feel assured that, at Kuipers Lynn & Associates PLC, you'll be our top priority.

Kuipers Lynn & Associates

Our Vision

We want to be accessible and approachable.  We are West Michigan attorneys - born, raised, educated, and practicing here.  We are a boutique firm dedicated to serving our community - legal services, philanthropy, and community involvement.  We may already know you personally.  If not, we hope to know you soon.


Jessica Kuipers

Partner specialized in Criminal Defense & Civil Law

Attorney Jessica Kuipers is a life-long Michigan resident. She loves the variety of outdoor activities Michigan offers but her true passion in life has always been helping others when they are facing adversity.


She became a lawyer so that she can serve her community and those in need. Jessica prides herself on giving her clients professional, personalized, and efficient service. Her passion lies in defending those in need of representation during criminal
proceedings and helping law students and attorneys who are facing issues with either obtaining or keeping their license to practice law. 

Due to her background in psychology and her ability to empathize and listen to others, she has been very successful in understanding her client’s needs, fears, and goals. She always strives to put the client’s wishes first while working towards the best resolution possible. Whether for serious criminal charge, or to get a driver’s license restored, she gives each matter the attention needed. 

Email: Tel: 616-842-7300

Our Associates

Value 01.


/əˈten(t)ivnəs/ -

the state of being constantly attentive and responsive to signs of opportunity, activity, or danger

Have you ever felt like you were the most important person in the room?  That you have the undivided attention of your attorney? That your best interests are her top priority.  You can expect this attention and experience with Kuipers Lynn & Associates PLC.  Our top priority is you.

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